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What We Do

New World Dragons started out as a hobby of mine in the late 90's. I started out with a pair of Hogg Island Boas. After breeding those for a few years I quickly expanded to BCI morphs.

I only sell selectively bred boa constrictors, many of my boas are second and third generation boas. I am working with many morphs and different lines of boas:












If there are any morphs that you are interested in shoot me an e-mail. I list out all of my breeding projects every year. I create a photobucket album for each breeding to document the entire process. There will be pics of the parents actually breeding, along with pics of all of the neonates.

I am a FedEx certified reptile shipper & licensed with Florida Fish & Game.

All shipping is done via FedEx Express. Local buyers will always get a discount unless the boa is being advertised as "For Local Buyers Only".

Shipping is always included in the price.

I accept payment plans with one small caveat. Any money sent to hold a boa is non-refundable. If for whatever reason you do not or cannot continue to make payments I can ship you a boa of lesser value. I always have many babies on hand. I have multiple litters every year. You will always be given a varied choice.

My aim is always to keep my customers 100% satisfied. Returning customers always get discounted prices and get first dibs on new boas.

I will and have refused sales if the potential buyer displays in some manner that they cannot properly care for a boa.


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