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Litter #1

Born 05/21/2017

Jungle IMG, Sharp Hets

Dam - Swedish line Jungle Sharp Sunglow

Sire - IMG possible VPI & Anery Het

All of the dark IMGs are sold.  

There are a few Jungle and Hypo Jungles.

These are all Sharp hets.    

Litter #2
Born 06/08/2017
Jungle Paradise & Sharp 

Dam - Swedish line Jungle Sharp Sunglow
Sire - Jungle Paradise

There are many Jungle Sharp Albinos, Sunglows, Paradise & Paradise glows.

Prices, sexes & rack ID #'s are listed on each pic now.

These guys have only shed once. They will continue to color up for some time. 

Let me know if you are interested in any & I can take new pics.    


2017 Baby Boas For Sale